Hill Street Inn and Lansing Inn

The Hill Street Inn (18 studio and 2 one-bedroom apartments) and The Lansing Inn (26 studio apartments in the former Phoenix Hotel)

The Hill Street Inn and The Lansing Inn comprise what is the Joseph’s House Supportive Housing Program.  The Inns provide affordable and stable housing to individuals who are reluctant or unable to succeed in structured and/or more restrictive environments, making the Supportive Housing Program a last resort for most of its tenants.  The Inns fully embrace the Harm Reduction philosophy so that each tenants needs are met on very individualized basis making for greater successes when looked at how far a person has come, not where they are at a given moment.

Tenants of the Inn are seriously and persistently mentally ill men and woman who are chronically homeless, with approximately 75% being dually diagnosed with an active alcohol and/or substance abuse problem.  All tenants have a Case Manager who works with them within their life circumstances helping the tenant link to outside providers such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, clinicians, treatment, etc. when the tenant is ready.  On-site support services, such as daily living skills, coordinated care management, entitlement advocacy and basic life skills, are provided to help tenants increase their overall independence.

Tenants pay rent equal to 30% of their income (SSI/SSD).