Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelter for Adult Men and Women
24 Beds – Single guests sleep in 2- or 3-bed bedrooms and share bathrooms, and common living and dining areas. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days and nights of the year and runs at close to full occupancy providing almost 8030 nights of shelter to more than 400 single men and women each year. Guests staying in our shelter receive personal care items, three meals a day, use of laundry area and case management assistance with goal setting, identifying and accessing appropriate housing and other special needs.

Emergency Family Shelter
15 Beds –
More than 50 families with children are sheltered each year at Joseph’s House–approximately 170 adults and children for almost 5045 nights of shelter annually. Families are sheltered in apartment-like space set aside from the main section of the shelter and off limits to all other shelter guests. Families sheltered in this space share a living/dining room and a kitchen which allows them to supplement our menu by preparing their own meals, snack and children’s food as necessary. Families are encouraged to eat with the shelter community at our evening meal served “family-style.” By sheltering families in space which closely resembles and replicates actual apartment like conditions, our staff are much better able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of families while they are living in the shelter. This assessment allows our staff to make much more appropriate and realistic recommendations for permanent housing, and helps us accurately gauge the level of support each family will need, after they leave the shelter.